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Parking Garage Inspection

FPrimeC Solutions provide a full range of inspection and testing for parking garage structures. FPrimeC’s experts investigate, test and assess parking garages to determine their current condition, and provide engineering solutions to address any performance issues.

At FPrimeC, we work closely with asset owners and maintenance managers to design the most cost-effective restoration and maintenance solutions that would meet owner’s performance objectives in the long run.

  • Condition Assessment / Condition Surveys
  • Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Concrete Defects, such as Cracks, and Voids.
  • Asphalt Pavement Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Joints
Parking Garage Inspection

Condition Assessment

We provide customers with comprehensive condition assessment / condition surveys. We follow the most upto date guidelines and standards, such as Professional Engineers Ontario guidelines for structural condition assessment (read more) and Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (where applicable)

We help customers with:

  • Review of Documents and Coordination with Customers
  • Detailed Planning for Inspection
  • Proper close-up visual walk-through and inspection
  • Design and conduct advanced non-destructive testing and evaluation
  • 验证结构ral integrity through intrusive tests
  • Determine location and extent of defects
  • Data Management, Cost Estimate and Generating Engineering Reports

Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring

We offer the most advanced corrosion inspection and monitoring solutions to assess potential performance issues that can be induced by chloride (salt) induced corrosion. We provide unmatched suite of technologies:

  • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping for Parking Decks (Read More)
  • Corrosion inspection in Columns, Beams and Post-tensioned systems
  • Corrosion Rate Measurement
  • 表面电阻率扫描
  • Concrete Cover Thickness Measurement
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scan (Read More)
  • 超声层析成象
  • Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo
  • Infrared Thermography

Conventional Test

FPrimeC is a On-Stop shop for your parking garage condition survey and structural evaluation projects. We provide you with all the intrusive work as well:

  • Extracting Concrete Cores and Asphalt Sawn Samples
  • Determine Chloride Content and Chloride Profile
  • Determine Air Void Content in Concrete
FPrimeC_Corrosion_Concrete_Ground Penetrating Radar in Parking Garage Inspection
Structural Condition Assessment
Parking Garage Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Map
GPR in Structural Assessment

How to use GPR in Structural Assessment?

A multi-technology approach using different Nondestructive Testing (NDT) technologies is becoming the new standard in structural condition assessment. Ground Penetrating Radar has proved to be

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