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Structural Condition Assessment of Parking Garage | City of Toronto

Structural Condition Assessment of Parking Garage

The Problem

Structural Condition Assessment Parking Garage City of TorontoFPrimeC was retained by City of Toronto to perform detailedstructural condition assessment of parking garage structureat 1229 Ellesmere Rd , Toronto, ON. Preliminary visual inspection was conducted by another consultant. Client was interested to evaluate the adequacy of the structural system.

The client was planning to upgraded the waste collection system at the northwest corner of the building, near to the main entrance of the building.

The upgraded system will be accessed by a35,000 Kgwaste truck for pickup on a regular basis. The waste truck will need to run over the existing driveway which is part of the existing concrete roof slab of the underground parking garage. The driveway is covered with an Asphalt overlay. The main objective of this project is to verify the structural adequacy of the parking roof slab and the driveway for carrying the extra load applied by the new waste bins, and the garbage truck movement on the slab.

Inspection and Testing Solution

Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildingsby PEO was used to define a comprehensive test methodology. FPrimeC Solutions performed the non-destructive testing and evaluation of the structure.GPR scanningwas used to identify the rebar configuration in structural components such as slabs, columns, and beams.Half-Cell corrosion potentialmapping and corrosion rate measurement was conducted on the walls.

NDT Methods for Parking Garage Inspection and Monitoring

侵入性测试涉及提取混凝土软木es from roof slabs and performing laboratory tests on concrete cores. The results from non-destructive tests and intrusive tests were used for structural analysis of the parking roof slab.

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis and Evaluation - Parking Garage Inspection

Based on inspection and testing, a structural model was developed and analyzed to evaluate the adequacy of the parking garage roof for the new loading condition.