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FPrimeC Solutions was retained by The Condominium Building Manager (Client) to performParking Garage Inspectionin a condominium building in Toronto, Ontario. The client was interested to evaluate the present condition of concrete slab, and evaluate the likelihood of active corrosion. The driveway and garden area over the parking garage increase the risk of chloride ion penetration, which can result in higher probability of steel corrosion. The main objective of the project was to measure the likelihood of corrosion of steel bars in the concrete slabs by means of non-destructive testing.

Solution: Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping

Following communication with the client, and initial site visit, a comprehensive test plan was designed and proposed to the client. The proposed methodology involved three major steps:

  • Visual Inspection and Hammer Sounding
  • Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR (Learn more)
  • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping (Learn More)

A walk-throughVisual InspectionandHammer Soundingwere initially proposed选择区域的停车屋面板。去的al was to find areas which are prone to corrosion of steel rebar for further investigation withHalf-Cell corrosion potential mapping.

GPR scanningwas used to determine the location of embedded rebar in concrete prior to removing the concrete cover at the reference points. GPR enabled FPrimeC engineers to pin-point the exact location of steel rebars, and minimize the damage to concrete during concrete removal process. Moreover, GPR scans were used to assess the rebar depth, and overall condition of the slab.

Half-Cell corrosion mappingwas used to determine the probability (likelihood) of active corrosion in the steel rebar. The Half-Cell test was conducted according to the recommendations of theASTM C876on a systematic test grid and the measurements were used to create comprehensive contour map of corrosion activity for select test areas.

Half Cell Potential Test

Results are for presentation and demonstration purpose only and differ from original tests – Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping of Parking Garage in Toronto