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Honore Mercier Bridge Inspection Montreal


FPrimeC Solutions was hired byEXP Canada. to perform Non-destructive Testing to Evaluate the location and extent of delamination in bridge piers inHonore-Mercier BridgeMontreal, QC. The main objectives of the project was:

  • Assess the thickness of concrete repair
  • Evaluate the depth of delamination in concrete piers
  • Verify the concrete cover thickness for repair design
  • GPR scanning for rebar locate.


Honore Mercier Ground Penetrating Radar - Rebar scan

Several areas on 4 faces of the concrete pier were investigated at different elevations. A zoom lift was used to access the concrete elements. The non-destructive testing method involved the following:

Honore Mercier Evaluate Delamination using Impact Echo

At each test station, a systematic test grid (9×9) was used to assess and verify the impact-echo response of the concrete element. The information was used to assess the thickness of existing repair concrete. Hammer sounding was also used to identify location of severe delamination in the pier element.