Non-Destructive Evaluation Bridge Abutments

How to Evaluate Bridge Abutments?

In a bridge structure, abutment refers to the substructure unit which supports the end of the structure (bridge span) and retains the approach fill (see Ontario Structure Inspection Manual). Abutments are commonly made of mass concrete, reinforced concrete, or wood. Usually, abutments consist of a number of components: + Foundation + Abutment wall + Ballast wall + Wing walls + Bearing seats. (Image on the right: Adapted from OSIM, 2008) Abutments can…Read More »How to Evaluate Bridge Abutments?

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Remarks on Ontrio Structure Inspection Manual

This article is a brief review over different aspects regarding the bridge structure inspection procedure specified in the Ontario Bridge Inspection Manual (OSIM). The inspection manual has been used for bridge inspections in Ontario since 1985 with major upgrades to the document in the year 2000. According to the bridge inspection manual (section 1.2.1), “the main goal of the structural inspections is to ensure, within an economic framework, an acceptable standard for structures in terms of…Read More »Remarks on Ontrio Structure Inspection Manual

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Ontario Structure Inspection Manual

Ontario Structure Inspection Manual The Ontario Structure Inspection Manual has been used for bridge inspections in Ontario since 1985. The manual underwent significant modifications in the year 2000 (OSIM, 2008). This FAQ provides general definitions and terminology used in the OSIM 2008.